We, Harmony & Caroline are both Twin mothers who share a passion for fitness, fashion, positive vibes, adventure and inspiring others to live their life in a way that makes their soul sing every day!

As a personal trainer, Pilates Barre instructor and devout Yogi Harmony felt that there was a need for vibrant activewear threads that could be worn all day long to fit in with a busy women’s life!

The idea of Harmony Inspired was birthed & together Harmony & Caroline created Harmony Inspired The Label and an accompanying online active life boutique where women can browse and purchase high end fashionable activewear that makes them feel unique, confident and motivated to live an active life every day! 

Creating an awesome label was not our only goal, we have a much bigger vision which entails Inspiring and motivating others to radiate their positive vibes with the world and help make this planet a brighter place.

We consider every one of our customers a part of our Harmony Inspired Active Tribe & in saying that, we would sincerely like to welcome you to our Tribe.


How We Inspire

How can we inspire women to lead a healthy life and feel beautiful in their own skin?

We send out inspirational cards with heartfelt words.

We offer unique threads to feel vibrant in as you work out.

We are building a community that shares motivational, inspirational quotes, workouts, clean recipes and new friendships.

This is a community that supports each other in our health and fitness journey.

Join our Inspired Active Tribe

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Giving Back

We work closely with charities and have raised our voice and initiated a stance against domestic violence.

To help make a stance you can purchase one of our Harmony Inspired #stoptheviolence tanks.

We are affiliated with other community organizations and will be helping to raise money for Children in need and Children with disabilities. We are proud sponsors of Everyone Deserves MusicAusnep and Health 1st For Kids.

  If you would like to collaborate with Harmony Inspired please contact us via info@harmonyinspired.com.au.


Wholesale Enquiries 

If you are interested in wholesaling Harmony Inspired The Label or if you believe that you have a fabulous product that suits our Active Life Boutique please send your inquiry to info@harmonyinspired.com.au

Current Brands

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